Manager / Team Leader

Bastrop, TX

I. Executive Summary

            The Team Leader at Chick-fil-A Bastrop is our most influential leadership position in the restaurant. As the day-to-day point of contact during a shift, you will be responsible for ensuring that our team members are positioned to achieve our goals and fulfil our vision on a daily basis. We believe that “People don’t leave bad businesses, they leave bad Team Leaders”, so we strive to be the best leaders of people that we can be. 

II. Role & Responsibilities

  • Successful Shifts
    • Break a record!
    • Create a moment!
    • Be a good steward!
    • Have some fun! 
  • Coach Team Members
    • Celebrate wins
    • Correct / Discipline
    • Continuously Train
    • Start with “Why”
  • Fulfil daily tasks
    • Run Breaks
    • Stock / clean
    • FOH specific systems / BOH specific systems
    • SAFE Daily Critical

III. Key Measurables

  • IPO < 1%
  • Net Profit > 14%
  • OSAT > 80%
  • Quarterly QIV Score = 94+
  • Food Safety Score = <3; No SAFE High Risk Findings

IV. Schedule Details

            You will work an average of 40 hours a week operationally.

V. Direct Reports

            You will work with the other Team Leaders to directly oversee Team Members. You will directly report to the AM / PM Director.